Sunday, May 3, 2009

6 years and still going strong!

Today is our 6 year anniversary! It's crazy that is has already been 6 years - we've had a great time so far and I can't wait for many more years! We have some great trips we've taken - California, New York, Hawaii, Korea, an amazing cruise - and more to come in the future! To celebrate, we went and had a great dinner at Kyoto - delicious Japanese cuisine!

They had some pretty flowers that we decided to pose in front of!

We had sushi, Agadashi Tofu, tempura, and other yummy foods!

Then, we rushed to Pioneer Theatre, where parking was crazy, and we literally ran in and made it to our seats seconds before our show started - Miss Saigon. It was so good - a little sad and slightly depressing, but really good! The performers were super talented and had amazing voices!

After ice cream, we came home to our little Logan and we had missed him! It's so weird leaving him for any amount of time. My mom came and baby-sat for us. Then, Trent surprised me with the absolute best present - my very own KINDLE!! I've been dying to have one, but had a hard time justifying the cost, but he bought me one. I absolutely LOVE it and have the best husband in the world!! It was a wonderful anniversary and I love celebrating our marriage!!

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The Shegrud Family said...

Happy anniversary!! Sounds like you guys had fun!! And, I'm very impressed with Trent's thoughtful gift!!