Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Baek-il!!

Logan turned 100 days old yesterday! In Korean culture, it is customary to celebrate this occasion. We didn't do it exactly as they would in Korea, but we had fun!! It was our nephew's birthday yesterday as well, so the family all went to Chuck-E-Cheese. Trent and I snuck in some yummy Korean treats - duk, rice cakes, and of course, Choco Pies! Logan was adorable as usual and here's a family shot!

We are so blessed to have such a great little family! Logan is getting bigger every day and doing new things all the time! I am excited, but also the sentimental mom who is sad to see him get bigger at all! I love that his is little, snuggly, and needs his mom!! He smiles, but not a ton. He smiles more and more, especially in the mornings. He's a pretty serious baby and that drives his dad crazy!


Marci said...

Logan is so cute. Happy 100 days!!!

Calder Family said...

He is the cutest!!! Love your hair Tiff! Give us a call next time you are in Logan!