Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bear Lake

Our friends invited us up to their cabin in Bear Lake last weekend and it was way fun! There was a lot of snow and we went sledding, snowmobiling, played the Wii, and just hung out and had a relaxing weekend. Well, as relaxing as you can have with 6 kids running around!

Kate, Logan, and Ryker getting clean. I joked with Melissa and Ashley that their kids need tanning beds! :)

Kolman and Tom, Logan and Trent, Ryker and Brad...oh yeah, and the snowman!

Logan's first time sledding!

Trent got Logan a collapsible tunnel from IKEA and he loves it!!

This is a great shot of Logan's teeth! He also has the top 2 that have broken through, but he HATES when you try to look in his mouth.

Thanks again to Ashley and Brad for inviting us!!

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Kait & Kyle said...

Looks like you had fun! Yeah for new posts!