Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winter 2010

We had an amazing winter! (I guess winter is not quite over, but I'm hoping it will be SOON) We went to the lights at Temple Square with the Wood's, and it was beautiful and spiritual as always! Well, as spiritual as you can get with 6 kids running around! They loved the nativity part though, and were actually quiet for it!

Next up, Zoo Lights with my mom. If you haven't done Zoo Lights, it's worth the money! They do an beautiful job and we thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Logan loves playing in the snow! It's not fun getting him all bundled, but once he's dressed and we're outside, he's super happy! He loves to be pulled in his sled and help Daddy shovel! After playing in the snow, Logan loves to snuggle in the blanket Grandma Brough made him and get warm!

I feel like this post has picture overload, so Christmas will have a post of its own!

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Crafty Kait said...

Yeah for posts! You just made my day! Looks like a fun filled winter, I cant wait to be able to do stuff with Tyce like that. Tell Logan Happy Birthday for me this week!