Thursday, August 12, 2010


I know it has been a while since my last post, and I had a folder of pictures all ready to go and posts to write, but then our desktop crashed! Our hard drive is fried and we had to get it replaced. We have things backed up, but I am hoping that it backed up my recent stuff before our hard drive went kaputz! I had these pictures on my camera still, so I am blogging from my laptop. When we get our desktop Mac back, more posts to come - I hope!!

Every year my work (Western States Lodging) sponsors a Lagoon Day where we get super cheap tickets. Most of Trent's family came and it was a blast!! My wonderful friend Mandy watched Logan in the morning for his nap, so Trent and I got to go on the big, fun rides in the morning! I think the Spider is my favorite, but Wicked is pretty great too! Logan came in the afternoon and had a such a good time!! I haven't really paid attention to the kiddie rides lately, but there were several that he was able to go on. Pretty much every niece and nephew cried because we tried (maybe forced a few times) to get them to go on some of the roller coasters. What's a day at Lagoon with no tears? Not a successful one!! We even won a camera at the employee drawing. Overall, it was an awesome day!!Us at the Spider. This one caused a few tears from a some of the kids - a few scars may have been formed!!Mia, Izzy, and Trent on the musical one that squishes the outside person

Our little fam on the carousel!

Sam and Logan

Logan (blowing a kiss to us) and George

Mia and Izzy with Logan - I felt bad for the girls because their legs were totally squished! But they loved taking Logan on a ride!

Logan and Mom on Odysea - we got squirted with water at the very beginning and he did not like that, but he got over it pretty quickly.

Coolest dude at Lagoon!


{Layla} said...

oh my goodness Logan is so adorable. I love the picture of him blowing a kiss and the picture in his sunglasses. what a little heartbreaker. Hope you are having a lovely summer! =)

Clayton and Heidi said...

Oh how I wish the thought of riding rides at Lagoon didn't make me want to crawl into a deep dark space until the pounding headache disappeared:) I can usually make it on 3 or 4 rides before I lose it. Glad you had fun. I adore the picture of Logan blowing you a kiss. So cute!