Wednesday, August 18, 2010


IT'S ALIVE!! We got our Mac back with a new hard drive and I LOVE Time Machine! It backed up everything - we didn't lose a thing! So, here are some random pictures in an attempt to get caught up...I'm not sure what's with the funky photo positioning, but I'm too lazy to try to figure it out!

Logan and Trent in the pool at my in-laws. Logan loves the water, but thinks it's pretty cool when Dad puts his raft in!

The zoo with Jacob!

A very nice man in front of us took a group shot on the train. This is me, Logan, Erin, and Jacob. Jacob is about 6 months younger than Logan. I know the boys have zero expression on their faces in every picture, but we really did have a good time!!

Logan hard at work at my in-laws new cabin! He put rocks in the wheel barrel for about 30 minutes straight! He was so serious about it! Trent and I were shoveling gravel to even out the driveway, and he was helping! Then he needed to relax after all his hard work!! LOVE this boy!!

I have a lot more pictures from the summer, but I hate to overload. More to come in the next few days...keeping coming back!

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